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MAM HDPE know-how: a long history, a great experience

M.A.M. MECCANICA ALTO MILANESE was established in 1953 and in that year the first plant for polyethylene was manufactured.

This marked the beginning of a great era in the market of the blown film plants.

In that years a lot of different lines have been produced, counting on a constant exploitation of new technologies following the market development, always more specialising in the high density PE production.

Thanks to all this, M.A.M. became synonymous of quality, worldwide known.

In November 2006 CMG, a worldwide known company for the blown film production, closed a contract for the MAM acquisition.

With this deal, the headquarter in Olgiate Olona, the MAM brand and the technologic know-how became property of CMG.

In this way CMG succeeded in improving its plants offer, treasuring the

MAM experience in high density production and meanwhile expanded its production capacity.

This initiative has obtained a wide success on the market and the MAM name continues to exist, making use of a new and dynamic technologic and commercial support.

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